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Anointed: BethEl Book One by H. R. Hutzel

Cover for Anointed: BethEl Book One

Her memory—gone. Her life—hunted. Can Rachel be redeemed before she’s damned by the literal demons from her past? What Readers are saying: “Hutzel may just be the C. S. Lewis of our time.” “A mythos as elaborate as anything Tolkien ever came up with.”

Behind Our Lives by Charlene Carr

Cover for Behind Our Lives

Lincoln Fraser’s hiding out. Kali Johnson’s world is falling apart. When a freak accident places Kali and her son in Lincoln’s path, a split-second decision alters their lives forever. Thought -provoking and brutally honest, Behind Our Lives will grip you, breaking your heart at every turn.

Accursed Women by Luciana Cavallaro

Cover for Accursed Women

Five renown Greek myths retold from the female perspective. Read what Helen tells a travelling historian about the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Hera is a special guest on a television talk back show.

Robin Hood's Dawn (The Robin Hood Trilogy Book 1) by Olivia Longueville & J. C. Plummer

Cover for Robin Hood's Dawn (The Robin Hood Trilogy Book 1)

Robin Hood’s Dawn seamlessly merges history and legend. Falsely convicted of a shocking crime, Robin Fitzooth, the Earl of Huntingdon, finds refuge in Sherwood Forest and becomes Robin Hood. Leading his men against a malevolent sheriff, Robin begins to unravel a web of treachery threatening the English royal family.

The Specter (Waxwood Series: Book 1) by Tam May

Cover for The Specter (Waxwood Series: Book 1)

“May’s historical fiction picks apart the delicate facade of American gentility in upper-class families.” In the midst of Vivian's debutante life, her grandmother dies, leaving behind a mysterious identity Vivian must untangle to secure her own uncertain future "An intriguing and beguiling story." - Amazon reader

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