General Fiction

White Cloud by Joy Slaughter

Cover for White Cloud
When Ella, an incompetent paramedic, accidently resurrects a patient, not everyone is pleased with her new-found ability. She turns to the morgue, but Dr. Judah Azriel challenges both her desire to save the world and her understanding of death.

The Brittle Sea by Tom Kane

Cover for The Brittle Sea
Magda Asparov travels to America to marry businessman Matthew Turner. Her ship, the Titanic, hits an iceberg and sinks. Magda is rescued but has lost her memory. In New York, Magda and her rescue ship's captain fall in love. Turner's obsession with searching for Magda sparks a deadly vendetta.

Autumn Rains by Myra Johnson

Cover for Autumn Rains
Healy Ferguson knows prisons, both real and emotional, and the price you exact on yourself far exceeds the crime. Valerie Bishop is a prisoner of PTSD, haunted by shadowy moments from a night she can’t remember. Will they trust God to free them from the chains that hold them back?

Westward Courage by A.T. Butler

Cover for Westward Courage
Survival on the Oregon Trail requires sacrifice she never intended to make. Caroline Harper has everything she could want--wealth, position, the attention of an eligible bachelor. When her brother’s news destroys all of that, Caroline must decide what kind of life she wants to create for herself.

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