Mysteries, Thrillers, Action

Midlife Curses by Christine Zane Thomas

Cover for Midlife Curses

On the eve of her 40th birthday, Constance leaves her old life behind for a fresh start, moves in with her odd grandmother in Creel Creek… and discovers she comes from a long line of witches. Can her budding powers help her solve a local mystery?

The Assessment by Kerry J Donovan

Cover for The Assessment

Some jobs are dangerous. Some job interviews are explosive. The raging fire of arrogance meets the ice cool hand of experience in this Ryan Kaine origins novella.

I Can't Sleep by JE Rowney

Cover for I Can't Sleep

Traumatised by the events of her past, exhausted by insomnia, Becky believes that a new start will help her to recover. She soon finds that escaping the past is not as easy as she imagined. Is her fatigued mind playing tricks on her, or is danger really lurking in the shadows?

The Roach by Rhett C Bruno

Cover for The Roach

A dark and powerful journey into the broken mind of a disabled vigilante, clawing his way out of despair to stop a killer and protect his legacy. "Rhett C. Bruno brings to life a character who'd rather be dead... or at least has a death wish."--Darick Robertson, co-creator of The Boys

Terminal by Michaelbrent Collings

Cover for Terminal

An inhuman power traps travelers in a bus terminal and forces them to play a game: choose one person – unanimously – to survive the night. The others will die. And remember: the best way to get a unanimous vote is to kill the other voters.

Death at the Cafe by Alison Golden

Cover for Death at the Cafe

When Annabelle makes plans to meet her friend Sister Mary, she has no idea that she will soon find herself embroiled in a deadly mystery. Armed only with a note, this quick-thinking, quick-footed holy woman must follow the clues and find the perpetrator… before her friend winds up in jail.

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