Feathers by Blair Howard

Cover for Feathers
There’s a serial killer on the loose! It’s not Kate Gazzara’s first rodeo, but this one is… different. Four young women, all with their throats cut, all with different backgrounds. What’s the connection? Is there one? And then there are the feathers. What do they mean?

Summer Breakdown by Ess Harelson

Cover for Summer Breakdown
School’s out for the summer, and middle school dean Siobhan O’Hurlihy just wants to relax, drink some microbrews and hang out at the lake. However, when she and her raven familiar discover a dead body, she finds herself wrapped up in the murder investigation. Can she find the killer?

Gemini Rising by Harley Christensen

Cover for Gemini Rising
If you learned your entire life was a lie, would you search for the truth — even if it killed you?

Prime Time Murder by Brittany E. Brinegar

Cover for Prime Time Murder
When clumsy college grad Becky Robinson left home to chase her dream of becoming an actress, everyone said she'd fall flat on her face. And they were right. At least the dead body broke her fall.

Always on Duty: A Klondike PA Mystery Companion Novella by D.B. McNicol

Cover for Always on Duty: A Klondike PA Mystery Companion Novella
A relaxing vacation at sea...what could go wrong? Officer Cassidy Peck needs a vacation and when her parents can't go, she invites her new friend, Caryl-Anne Newsome to go with her. All is good until a passenger is reported missing and Cass steps in. After all, she's always on duty.

Pension For Murder by Kate Maclean

Cover for Pension For Murder
She’s young at heart but feeling her age. When a resident dies under mysterious circumstances at her best friend’s retirement community, can an eighty-year-old spitfire catch a killer and prove she still has what it takes?

The Case Of The Unlucky Gardener by Tina McLachlan Brassington

Cover for The Case Of The Unlucky Gardener
A yacht, a beautiful Aegean town, a grand hotel and the unexpected death of a TV star... Connie McKinnon, author and private investigator befriends socialite Frances Tredegar-Jones, who asks Connie to investigate the death of her friend. Connie agrees to Frances’ request, but it causes mayhem for all concerned...

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