Paranormal Romance

Memory Of Love by Ellie Jo and Ivy Song

Cover for Memory Of Love
Trystan has been cursed to watch the love of his life Anna die in his arms every century by his own hand. Every century she is reincarnated, and he is given another chance to save her. After 500 years, can he break his curse and save the one he loves?

Grigori by Lauren Smith

Cover for Grigori
A female mythology professor is kidnapped by an ancient dragon shifter while searching for proof that dragons exist and discovers she is his true mate.

Prince Of Storm by Mona Ombogo

Cover for Prince Of Storm
19-year-old warrior Prince Xakuna is forced to embrace a new set of rules for life to save his Kingdom when an Ancient world destroying Power returns. Chosen to wield this power, he must overcome his cynicism about magic, love, and bond with his soulmate, energy-bending priestess, Zerato.

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