Science Fiction

The Heirs Of Earth by Daniel Arenson

Cover for The Heirs Of Earth
We hide in shadows. Our planet is lost. We are the last humans, and we must go home. Long ago, aliens destroyed Earth. The last humans fled to the stars. Today we are still refugees. Hungry. Afraid. But we have not forgotten. Earth is our birthright. We will return!

Fallen by Patrick Abbott

Cover for Fallen
A war-scarred veteran is assigned to be a liaison to an alien race visiting Earth. He must balance the government's needs, the aliens' wants, and his own PTSD in a battle for peace.

Elemental: Fatal Air by Josef Peeters

Cover for Elemental: Fatal Air
Three persons relate their accounts from the day humanity faced possible extinction.

Restoration by Sam Bradbury

Cover for Restoration
In a world of ecological decay, divided between the “destabilized” lands of famine and “stabilized” states where genetic engineering keeps the growing populations fed and pacified, a group of strangers are drawn to the arcane theory of Restoration claiming it can salvage a dying planet, but at a significant cost.

Portentous 1: Brothers by Stephen Barnard

Cover for Portentous 1: Brothers
When an alien object lands on their property, two brothers are divided on how to proceed. Give in to the authority of the oppressive Centre, or keep the discovery to themselves. The decision will change both of their lives - and the destiny of their planet - forever.

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