Thrillers and Action

Cal Rogan Mysteries, Books 1, 2 & 3 by Robert P. French

Cover for Cal Rogan Mysteries, Books 1, 2 & 3

How do you hunt down your best friend's killer when you're a drug-addicted ex-cop living on the streets? Cal Rogan has lost his job, his family, his home. His best friend's death is ruled a suicide. As Cal unearths the truth, he may solve the crime but lose his daughter.

The Nevada Job by Vince Milam

Cover for The Nevada Job

Indiana Jones meets Jason Bourne. A heart-pounding thriller filled with fascinating characters, conspiracies, spies, treachery, and payback. It started as a simple gig, until a ruthless billionaire painted a target on his back. From South America to the US, it’s non-stop action and intrigue.

Jagged Edge by Kendall Talbot

Cover for Jagged Edge

Are you ready for an action-packed thriller? Haunted by the demons of their pasts, Edge and Nina's explosive meeting, followed by a highly-charged and deadly chase, leads to a great team-up as they hunt for justice. This page-turner is non-stop action with bad guys aplenty!

Capital Action by GJ Stevens

Cover for Capital Action

Follow Carrie Harris in her widely appealing series of high stakes spy-thrillers as she navigates the twisting and turning adventures in her role as a frontline operator in a shadowy government agency.

Carrie Chronicles - Books 1-3 Box Set by Ethan Jones

Cover for Carrie Chronicles - Books 1-3 Box Set

Carrie O'Connor joined CIS as a covert operative to discover the truth about her father's disappearance. Alone and betrayed, she starts her most personal and dangerous mission to stop a killer. Throwing the rulebook out the window, join her as she protects innocents and start this adrenaline-filled series today...

Chasing Rain by Brandt Legg

Cover for Chasing Rain

They thought killing him would end it. They were wrong. It will never end. The chase is on!

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