Thrillers and Action

The Soup Factory by Billy Wittenberg

Cover for The Soup Factory
A young woman is drugged and wakes up gagged and in chains. Her kidnapper tells her someone she knows has hired him to kill her. Using only her wits and guile, she must free herself and escape a nightmare estate. Or else she’ll meet a gruesome fate.

The Opening Chase by Cap Daniels

Cover for The Opening Chase
When collegiate baseball phenom Chase Fulton suffers an injury that shatters his dreams of becoming a Major League catcher, his future looks bleak until he's recruited into quasi-governmental covert operations, where his training as an assassin and intelligence operative launches him into a world of danger, intrigue, and unexpected passion.

Unlawful Things by Anna Sayburn Lane

Cover for Unlawful Things
A hidden masterpiece. A deadly secret. One woman determined to uncover the truth. When tour guide Helen Oddfellow meets a historian on the trail of a lost manuscript, she’s intrigued. But a literary puzzle quickly becomes a quest with deadly consequences.

The Doctor Of The Great North Woods by Sawyer Hall

Cover for The Doctor Of The Great North Woods
After a series of mysterious deaths in her hometown in Maine, a young doctor heads north to confront the vast wilderness of her youth...and an enemy hiding in its depths.

Look Closer by Stephanie Rogers

Cover for Look Closer
He’s on the edge of his seat watching her on the edge of hers. Sarah’s webcam has been hacked and someone is watching her through it every night. Now he’s getting tired of just watching. Can Sarah take down an enemy she can’t see?

The Days That Followed by Hailey Gosack

Cover for The Days That Followed
Two nuclear bombs are detonated in the atmosphere hundreds of miles above Utah and Ohio. The EMP from the blast wipes out most electronics for the country's population. Without the delivery of food, pharmaceuticals, and other supplies, resources soon become scarce causing an all-out war among the people.

Seven Fingers a' Brazos by Eric H. Heisner

Cover for Seven Fingers a' Brazos
With echoes of the John Wayne classics, Hondo and The Searchers, Eric H. Heisner returns us to the desert southwest and his hero, Holton Lang.

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